Sunday, April 27, 2014

Universal Sound Therapy

Greetings Everyone,
One again months have slipped-by without a post.
HOWEVER, I am excited to share with you all some very useful and amazingly effective and safe methods of managing pain and healing the body.

I Personally have had experience using this modality for myself and find the results for me are significant and lasting. It is not an immediate "fix" and takes some time, but works very very well. My experience is with the program for Heart Support.

A little background on why I was using this. In 1997 I began having heart arrhythmia issues. I was at peak-fitness, riding my bicycle 200-miles per-week, and had been eating a vegetarian diet for almost 13-years at that time. I was young, 27-years old.
I lived with rhythm issues for a long-long time. Took medications that mostly helped, but never really addressed the core issue.

....almost 20-years later I started using Universal Sound Therapy, and noticed significant results on my cardiac health as well as overall health after playing it on my body once a day for a month.

I did recently end up having what is called an electro-physiology-study and cardiac ablation procedure done to address the physical constructs that were part of the wiring that caused A-fib and other rhythm issues, but I continued using the Universal Sound Therapy after the surgery and it is assisting in my new pathways and heart remodel in a very stable and healthy way.

So, I say that for the $, whatever your particular circumstances may be, I think it's certainly worth a try. Especially since they offer a 90-day $-Back Guarantee!

And I have to say that Dick Rhoads is one of the most gracious and fun people to talk to.

Enjoy in Good Health:).....and

Many Blessings to You All


LINK To Universal Sound Therapy